"I know I keep saying it, but thank you so much...you have been an instrumental part in motivating me to rise to a higher level and you are very good at that! I may have the credentials, but your inspiration makes it work. You're VERY good at what you do! Thank you for working with me and expect a lot of referrals coming your way!"    - DON Karen H.

"​Jennifer was the first recruiter I have ever worked with and I can tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed working with her as she made the transition smooth and effortless as she walked me through the entire process from start to finish. She's professional, fun, honest, flexible, and makes sure all details are covered. How she juggles all that she does still fascinates me :) and when ready I will reach out to her again for my next career move."   - RN Kari M.

"From my first interaction with Jennifer there was no doubt in my mind that I had to have her on my team. Jennifer is an extremely intelligent, energetic, and engaging woman. She can build relationships with customers, clients, or candidates of all levels within minutes of meeting them thanks to her ability to not only asses their needs quickly and accurately, but because it's transparent that she genuinely cares about helping them."      - Julie C.

​"​I have worked daily with Jennifer over the years and she is always professional, cheerful, friendly, and works very hard at providing us with exceptional candidates to add to our team."  - Ethel J.

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